Screen shot of Lexos

Lexos is a web-based tool designed for transforming, analyzing, and visualizing texts. Lexos is designed for use primarily with small to medium-sized text collections, and especially for use with ancient languages and languages that do not employ the Latin alphabet. Lexos was created as an entry-level platform for Humanities scholars and students new to computational techniques while providing tools and techniques sophisticated enough for advanced research.

In developing Lexos, I have collaborated with faculty and students at Wheaton College in Masschusetts as part of the Lexomics group. Lexomics is our term for a set of computational techniques we use to study patterns in literature with a strong focus on medieval texts. However, Lexos is a general-purpose tool which can be used for texts in a wide variety of languages. It is particularly useful for cleaning up (scrubbing) texts so that they can be processed algorithmically.